The Bivy Stick is
Now Just $199.95!
The Bivy Stick is
Now Just $199.95!

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Use Bivy to search over 50,000 adventures. Trails, Waterways, and more are waiting to be explored.

bivy stick

The smallest, simplest satellite communication device in the world.

Take it everywhere. Communicate from anywhere.

About Bivy

True joy comes through discovery. Happiness is that special place where you enjoy the fresh air, rugged terrain and beautiful views. We encourage you to find those places and experience that joy. Find the adventure that is perfect for you and stay safe by having the information and tools you need in your pocket. The Bivy team keeps adventure as a priority. No matter what you have going on, there is always time for adventures, big or small. And we help you find them.

Bivy App

  • 50,000+ adventures nationwide. Hiking and Biking trails, Waterways, Climbing routes, Off-Road trails, and more.
  • Track your mileage, pace, and time adventuring. Inspire your friends to get out there too.
  • Add photos, comments, and adventures to share with other Bivy users.
  • Download Offline Maps to be able to always see your location on a map.



Take it everywhere.
Communicate from anywhere.