Boreas Pass to Section House (north approach)
Summit County, Colorado
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09 :15 hrs
6.4 mi
1122 ft
Cross Country Skiing

Named after the Ancient Greek god of the North Wind, Boreas Pass Rd. can be used to access the Section House in the winter months by snowshoeing and skiing. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the winter. This road is a very consistent low angle climb to the top. Baker's Tank can be seen about halfway up. This was used to quench the thirst of the steam locomotives that traveled the Pass in the late 1800s. There are beautiful view all along the way of Breckenridge and the surrounding peaks of the continental divide. Depending on snow conditions, it may be too flat to snowboard or ski down from the top.

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5 years ago
Looks like an amazing adventure, Travis. Thanks for posting.