Mount Elbert- Box Creek Couloirs
Lake County, Colorado
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10 :15 hrs
5.6 mi
4697 ft
Backcountry Skiing

Mount Elbert is the highest Peak in Colorado. Depending on snow conditions you may not be able to drive right to the trailhead, the road does get rough and requires a 4WD vehicle. Park where you can and walk to the trailhead if needed. This route begins on the Colorado Trail and makes its way to the east ridge before splitting and heading to Box Creek. Once you are in the cirque you will have a view of the couloirs which lead to the summit. Climb right up the center and take time to examine conditions and pick your descent line down. Once you are at the top of the couloirs there is still a little hiking before the summit. Upper box Creek gets hit by the sun directly so starting early is best. The descent can be excellent, but be sure to check avalanche conditions in the couloir. There is always the East Ridge as an optional descent if conditions are too dangerous in the couloir.

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