One Big Mistake Too Early
Summit County, Colorado
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04 :09 hrs
15 mi
1908 ft
Mountain Biking
Trail Running
Cross Country Skiing

For some reason after biking as far as i could, I thought I could hike the ridge covered in snow and the other side of the trail would be better. This was a huge mistake and turned into a grudge match between mother nature and I. I started downhill through snow covered downed trees carrying my bike. At one point caught my ankle and slowly flipped over my bike hanging upside down from my ankle. Note to self- turn around when there was obviously too much snow at the top of the ridge. Continue on and pedal through pain to miraculously make it home before total exhaustion. Bloody, beaten up, bruised but never quit. Made a bad decision and had no choice but to get myself out. Learned a good hard lesson yesterday. This trail in the summer is amazing- but wait until SUMMER

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