Rattlesnake Arches
Mesa County, Colorado
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03 :53 hrs
6.2 mi
1231 ft
Trail Running

I have questioned whether to add this place. Its remote, not popular, hard to find and an absolute hidden gem- which needs to stay in that condition. We saw 1 person on the trail that day. And only 2 cars parked at the trailhead. Also saw NO TRASH, which was AWESOME! Do not drive all the way to trailhead without 4x4 and a great ground clearance (10" min). It is not recommended in rainy weather either, and can become impassable. Just park and hike the rest like we did- Also there is a summer and winter road, make sure you take the right one for your date of hike. The road has only a few signs, you go through National Park land make a few turns, it's very far down an average gravel road before it gets very rough, so make sure to get directions from many different places, have GPS, a standard map, and know you will probably not get phone service. As for the trail- it's an awesome amazing experience. Do you like Arches NP? This is basically Arches without all the crowds! But be prepared to have no services as well. Our route did require some bouldering/crab crawling, which is only recommended to experienced climbers. The views and area are stunning. If you make it there, please practice leave no trace rules. Be respectful. And keep nature wild.

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