The Citadel And Mt. Hagar
Clear Creek County, Colorado
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06 :13 hrs
7.3 mi
2620 ft
Backcountry Skiing

Start at the Dry Creek trail, and start skinning. Stay in the drainage or climb out early and skin along numerous benches. When you reach the large area between skin up the ridge towards the collar on The Citadel, then up the collar for a nice ski down. Strap the skins back on and work your way up to the ridge on Hagar. Work up the ridge and choose any one of many fun lines. Then back out Dry Creek, or over into Loveland Ski Area. BE SURE TO ENTER THE SKI AREA THROUGH A LEGAL ENTRANCE OR WITH PATROL PERMISSION. Also, getting both peaks in one day requires good conditions, so be cognizant of changes in snow conditions.

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