Levis and Trow Mounds
Clark County, Wisconsin
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02 :07 hrs
8 mi
185 ft
Mountain Biking
Cross Country Skiing

This trail is just north of the Black River State Forest and is among the most exciting and rewarding in all the state. This cluster is often overlooked and offers climbing of a sort not normally found outside of mountainous regions. You will find stunning, unobstructed views, incredible singletrack, and beautiful medium-paced cross-country trails. Two towering mounds dominate the diverse terrain. Levis Mound to the south is covered with ribbons of narrow trails cutting back and forth on their way to the peak. Trow Mound to the north just out of the forest and has two trails leading to the top. Atop these mounds, views stretch out for miles over the surrounding forest. The trail is not very technical but the repeated climbing and descending is intense.

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