Havasu Falls
Coconino County, Arizona
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09 :30 hrs
10.2 mi
2549 ft

Havasu Falls is considered to be one of the most scenic and well-known destinations in all of the Grand Canyon and is an excellent choice for a multi-day trip in the canyon. The water in the canyon and falls is known for its blue-green color and is considered to be sacred to the Havasupai Tribe. The trail starts from Hualapai Hilltop and follows steep switchbacks into the canyon. The trail leads to the community of Supai Village in Havasu Canyon which is not accessible by road and is home to the Havasupai Indians. The tribe requires a fee to hike on the land and reservations should be made in advance by contacting the Havasupai Indian Reservation. The hike down is rugged and hot canyon should be avoided during the heat of the day, especially in the summer, and be sure to carry plenty of water.

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5 years ago
This was an incredible hike! I'd hope to bring my family back to see it. One of my all time favorites! Nice and shady down in the canyon and the water is incredibly blue and a great temperature. Pack lots of water bottles because there is a fresh spring down by the camp site. Be sure and stay hydrated because it is a challenging hike. It is a must see!