Pardee Lake: North and South Arms
Amador County, California
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03 :40 hrs
8.1 mi
31 ft

Along the Mokelumne River are several dams forming a string of reservoirs, Pardee Lake is an example of such. There are numerous coves and gulches to explore at this reservoir, so allow yourself at least an entire day if not more for this paddle trip. The lake is surrounded by steep grassy hillsides speckled with trees and chaparral. Keep a lookout for waterfalls flowing over the steep hillsides and into the lake below. Because the reservoir is a major water source for the local counties, swimming is prohibited. Be careful along the shores, poison oak is thick. Also, strong mid-morning winds are common and die down by late afternoon. The shoreline will offer some protection from the wind, just be cautious of the rocks.

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