Allens Fresh Run and Zekiah Swamp
Charles County, Maryland
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04 :52 hrs
12.2 mi
1 ft
Sea Kayaking

This trip offers both a memorable beginning and end, keeping the paddler interested and engaged throughout the paddle. The beginning, downstream portion of this route takes you through an area with one of the most visible and active populations of bald eagle in Maryland. The end of day explorations wind through the upstream sections of Zekiah Swamp, a magical forested labyrinth where woods and water emerge. The waterway is broad and the lack of other boat traffic creates a serene paddle. Posey Creek is worth exploring and displays tall marsh grasses which border the creek and great wildlife viewing opportunities and Old Mill Branch is filled with miniature islands, delicate flowers, and painted turtles. The final hour on the water is beautiful as Zekiah Swamp swallows you in its forest and the diversity of plant life and wildlife are amazing.

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