Deal Island Slipjack Challenge
Wicomico County, Maryland
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06 :18 hrs
63 mi
38 ft
Road Biking

Nautical history buffs ought to especially enjoy this ride, as its destination, Deal Island in the Tangier Sound, is the home of one of the last remaining skipjack fleets. Skipjacks are sailing vessels that are not motorized and in the nineteenth century were the primary way fishermen tongued for oysters. On this ride you will also enjoy cycling through miles of farmland, the tidal marshland of the Deal Island Wildlife Management Area, and the historic town of Princess Anne which is home to the 200-year old Washing Hotel. The terrain is mostly flat but the land is exposed and there is a significant prevailing wind from the west. This route is marked in orange arrows numbered 62 by the Salisbury State University Cycling Club.

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