Black Creek: Fairley Bridge Landing - Highway 26
Perry County, Mississippi
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04 :30 hrs
10.7 mi
37 ft

Black Creek is Mississippi’s premier paddling stream. For most of its length it is ideal paddling size, avoiding logjams and strainers of a small creek and motorboats and headwinds of a large river. The current is strong and steady with no whitewater and no stagnant pools and it is located largely in the De Soto National Forest and contains wilderness surroundings and gorgeous scenery. Its name comes from the dark, tannin-stained waters. The dark water is highlighted with white sandbars beneath green forest walls. Many wildflowers and wild berries can be found along the river banks as well. The river widens a bit on this section as four more creeks flow into it. The natural scenery that fills the creek’s banks is worth every moment spent on the river.

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