Bogue Chitto River: Walker's Memorial Water Park - Stallings Bridge
Walthall County, Mississippi
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03 :02 hrs
7.2 mi
26 ft

The Bogue Chitto River is tiny and logjammed in its upper reaches but as it extends into Pike County, it widens into one of the prettiest and most popular paddling rivers in Mississippi. It is not too small that you are constantly fighting logjams yet not too big that you are forever fighting headwinds. It has a swift current with sharp bends and submerged logs that will keep your attention. The river abounds in wildlife, the water is clear and the scenery is gorgeous, alternating with woods and sandbars. On this stretch, black and turkey vultures are plentiful and have established the area for roosting and resting. Offsetting the relative homeliness of the buzzards are wildflowers growing along the river, which has widened enough now to receive full sun. The spider flower is especially pretty and it blooms from June through November.

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