Flathead River: Kerr Dam-Buffalo Bridge
Lake County, Montana
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03 :10 hrs
6.5 mi
97 ft

Most of the main stem Flathead flows calm and flat but this 7-mile stretch is full of exciting whitewater. This section lies within the Flathead Indian Reservation and tribal recreation permits are required by calling 406-675-2700. There are four major rapids with minor areas in between. The first rapid, known as the Ledge is about 1 mile downstream. A row of rocks stretch across the river and creates a small drop with some holes and waves. Quickly after is the Pinball. At low flows you’ll be dodging rocks and during high flows the rapid can be gone. Next is Eagle Wave which is the longest white-water run. At low flows it’s very technical and at high flows a long set of waves creates a nice roller-coaster. The last rapid is Buffalo and is considered the most difficult. It’s a long S-turn, and the best line is down the left channel. There is an easy eddy where you can pull in on the left with a view above the rapid. Check with local station for current water conditions.

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