El Camino Real - Yoast Escarpment Trail
Sierra County, New Mexico
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01 :01 hrs
1.4 mi
49 ft
Trail Running

Get a taste of the historic El Camino Real with the Yoast Escarpment Trail. El Camino Real once served as the major throughway from Mexico City to the early New Mexico settlements in the 1700 and 1800s. You can still see much of this original trail today, although there is limited access, with the Yoast Escarpment Trail being one of the public access points. The trail follows the old road and ends at the Yoast Escarpment, a rocky overlook where you can see the little green patch of the Paraje del Aleman, as well as the New Mexico Spaceport. The landscape is quite desolate, but the easy hike is worth the it for the history. Make sure to stop at the BLM kiosks to soak up the information. Mountain bikes are not allowed.

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