Purgatory Chasm
Grant County, New Mexico
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00 :41 hrs
0.7 mi
188 ft

This trail is a short jaunt into the Purgatory Chasm in the Gila Wilderness. The trail is easy to keep track of, and fairly well shaded, so is a good option when it's hot outside. About 1/4 mile into the trail you will have the option of going left or right - most suggest to go right here and hike a bit upward, where then you will see a small ladder that will take you down into the canyon where you will hike back down to your trailhead. This hike is a very good beginner hike - short and flat. Do be aware, that if there is any chance of rain you should not hike this trail. On your way back, you will be hiking in a slot canyon - although there is no need for special equipment or skills, the canyon can fill with water very quickly, making it a dangerous spot to get stuck in.

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