San Lorenzo Canyon
Socorro County, New Mexico
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01 :40 hrs
2 mi
280 ft
Mountain Biking

This easy hike along San Lorenzo Arroyo is chock full of distractions to pull you away from the main path and make the hike much longer and more fun. This hike starts about 1 mile before vehicle access is actually cut off, but walking that extra mile is far more fun. You will see arches, hoodoos, springs, caves, tiny waterfalls and more features that are very typical of the Southwestern landscape. Enjoy yourself exploring as much as you want, including slot canyons a small caves & niches in the rocks, but do be aware that all the land to the north is off limits to hikers. Most of the land is open to the south, but do be aware of no trespassing signs. This trail is popular with equestrians & motor vehicles, in addition to other hikers and the occasional stagecoach.

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