Chupadera Peak Trail
Socorro County, New Mexico
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04 :58 hrs
4.7 mi
1672 ft

This hike will take you through the Bosque del Apache's desert landscape up to Chupadera Peak, the tallest peak in the Chupadera Wilderness. Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is known for it's winter migrating birds, like snow geese and sandhill cranes, but this hike will take you out of the lush riparian habitat and through some serious desert terrain. You will hike through desert scrub, cacti, and grasslands until you reach the peak, which will reward you with an incredible 360 degree view of the Organ Mountains, Sacramento Range, and San Mateo Mountains. There is no water along this trail, so be sure to pack plenty. Try starting early in the day to beat the intense desert heat. Because this is located in the wilderness, no mountain bikes are allowed. $5 entrance fee per vehicle.

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