Hoh River Trail
Jefferson County, Washington
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14 :46 hrs
16.3 mi
3750 ft

This classic backpacking trail showcases the full range of Olympic National Park inland habitats as it ascends, from lowland floodplain rainforest through montane forest, subalpine parklands and finally the magnificent glaciers that crown the heights of Mt Olympus. For this reason, it is very popular, especially for the first few miles and especially on summer weekends. There are many spots to camp on the way, and for the first 12 or so miles, which are nearly level, the trail never strays far from the turquoise blue silty waters of the Hoh River, whose course can shift after every major pulse of runoff. While the official trail ends at Glacier Meadows, many hike less than a mile further to the moraine of the Blue Glacier for an intimate look at the largest glacier in the Olympics. Elk Lake is a welcome respite about halfway up the steeper upper section of the trail.

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