Mt Adams: South Spur Route
Yakima County, Washington
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17 :35 hrs
5.9 mi
6662 ft
Backcountry Skiing

The South Spur is the standard and least challenging route up this massive volcano, and presents minimal alpine hazards under normal climbing conditions. The route is essentially a walk-up with ropes not necessary but crampons and an ice ax essential for most of the year. After following a good trail to timberline, you can swing east and climb to South Butte and continue up Suksdorf Ridge to the Lunch Counter, or opt for the more direct route by heading straight up a gully and its adjoining ridge. Camping at Lunch Counter is a popular option, but this route can definitely be completed in a single day. The steepest part of the route, up to 35 degrees and often on snow through July, leads up to Pikers Peak at 11,650 ft. From here, cross a short flat section and make the final ascent to the summit. Skiing and glissading descents are very popular as long as the snow lasts. A Cascade Volcano Pass is required to go above 7,000 ft. I.

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