Wonderland Trail
Pierce County, Washington
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40 :13 hrs
80.7 mi
4292 ft

The Wonderland Trail is the crown jewel of Mt Rainier National Park's extensive trail system. In a 93 mile loop, the trail encircles the volcano and travels through all of the park's environments, from lowland rainforest through the glacial zone. A complete loop hike is an unforgettable experience, with waterfalls, wildflower meadows, forests, lakes, and amazing views of the Mountain and the other peaks of the Cascades, given clear weather. However, it is not a casual hike and requires extensive planning and training to ensure that it is a success. There are numerous campsites along the trail, but they must be reserved in advance, by one of two methods: an advance reservation made after March 15th of the same year, or a reservation made in person at one of the park's Wilderness Information Centers the day before or the day of the start of your adventure. Camping is permitted at established sites only, and fires are not allowed. Another thing to consider is food caches, which are available principally at Sunrise and Longmire. You can start at any number of trailheads, but most people do the loop clockwise. Always check with one of the ranger stations in the park for the most up-to-date information regarding trail closures, washouts, snow depth, and other hazards.

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