Best Hiking in Florida

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Florida, Tampa

00 :25 hrs
1.2 mi
2.324977 ft

The Baynard Trail is a short but scenic hike in Hillsborough River State Park that travels through heavily wooded terrain along the Hillsborough River. This hike is a good option for beginner hikers or young families visiting the state park as the trail is easy to follow and almost completely flat. The state park also offers picnic areas, campgrounds, good fishing, and paddling on the Hillsborough River.


Florida, Polk County

02 :44 hrs
8.3 mi
3.5527 ft

The Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve is a very large natural area that is divided into five different tracts that all provide an extensive trail system for hiking and biking. The area is consists of multiple types of natural habitat where lots of wildlife and birdlife can be viewed. This hike explores part of the Hampton Tract which is located in the southernmost part of the preserve. This hike is a short loop through the area but there are multiple connecting trails that can be used to add a lot of mileage and connect to trails within the other tracts. The trails are open for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.


Florida, Alachua County

01 :02 hrs
1.5 mi
5.999996 ft

La Chua Trail is located in the northern half of the Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park. This trail is highly populated with alligators and snakes so be aware of your surroundings. You might also see wild horses, bison, cattle, and several species of birds. Along this hike is the Alchua Sink, a massive sinkhole that is also a natural drain for the park. Because of its many features, this is a more crowded trail. It closes one hour before sunset.


Florida, Hillsborough County

00 :54 hrs
2.6 mi
13.847086 ft

Alderman's Ford Nature Preserve is situated on both sides of the Alafia River and offers almost 1000 acres of scenic natural habitat open for exploration and wildlife viewing. This hike starts from the trailhead off Turkey Creek Road and travels west to complete a loop hike through the wooded area and down to the banks of the river. There is additional trail that heads south from the trailhead and into the eastern section of the preserve that can also be added for more mileage.


Georgia, Stewart County

02 :36 hrs
6.8 mi
90.19998 ft

This adventure winds along the rim of Providence Canyon, which has deservedly been coined the nickname “Little Grand Canyon”. The hike features awesome up-close views of the stunningly colored and peculiarly sculpted sandstone canyon walls and sweeping panoramic distance canyon views. When out of the canyons the path explores rolling hills, covered with a range of flora, from rhododendrons, deciduous trees and azaleas to long-leaf and loblolly pines. Bird life includes warblers, thrushes, owls, turkeys and all of Georgia’s woodpecker species. There are several side trails and campsites along the way to make your trip more enjoyable.


Florida, Wakulla County

02 :21 hrs
7.1 mi
0.8473147 ft

Located in St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge, Stoney Bayou Trail will present several different terrains and habitats to you. Passing through salt marshes, forests, and swamps, you will most likely see alligators, deer, and all sorts of waterfowl. The trail is made mostly of sand. Bring bug repellent. Camping is only available in the refuge for through hikers.


Florida, Wakulla County

03 :60 hrs
12.1 mi
5.517659 ft

This section of the Florida Trail is considered one of the toughest hikes in the state. You will trudge through miles of mud and water, with some places that are waist high. The scenery is well worth the difficulty, as you will see many different trees, wildflowers, and animals. You can park on the dirt road leading to the western trail head, or other parking is available farther east if you wish for a shorter hike. Prepare for a lot of bugs. Due to the treacherous nature of this trail, it is recommended that you never hike alone, and bring a compass or GPS. Hikers must wear orange if going during hunting season (mid to late November).


Florida, Martin County

03 :31 hrs
10.2 mi
20.37725 ft

Nice 10 Miles Trekking in Jonathan Dickinson State Park. There is a lot of sand and running is possible.


Florida, Clearwater

00 :57 hrs
2.9 mi
0.9999995 ft

Caladesi Island is an undisturbed barrier island located on the Gulf Coast of Florida that is known for having the most beautiful natural white sand beaches in all of Florida. While the white sand beaches are a sight to see, the island also consists of forested terrain that offers good wildlife viewing and hiking opportunity. The island is only accessible from boat but there is a ferry that services the island and the state park offers boat slips for overnight stays. Kayaking out to the island is also a good option for paddlers. The nature trail travels through the wooded vegetation of the island with a short side trail that leads down to the scenic white sand beach. The hike is fairly short and easy to follow, ideal for all skill levels.


Florida, Jacksonville

00 :53 hrs
2.5 mi
13.140511 ft

North side of arboretum trails

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