Best Rafting in Florida

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Alabama, Mobile County

06 :09 hrs
13.8 mi
13.630838 ft

Located in Mobile County Alabama, near the border of Mississippi, this trip begins off of Mason Ferry Road and travel alongs the swift flowing Escatawpa River ending at Escatawpa River Campground off of Moffett Road. Because of the deepness of the water in combination with the numerous sandbars located along the entire route, the Escatawpa River is known as a great “play river”. The sandbars are great areas to pull off for a lunch break or for camping if desired and the deep pools of water off the sandbars allow for swimming holes during breaks along the route. Various wildlife such as; deer, turtles, turkey, and hawks can be seen along the route. Bring insect repellent as mosquitoes may be present during sections of slower water flow. A $3 parking fee is required if you desire to park at Escatawpa River Campground.


Georgia, Dodge County

03 :53 hrs
9.2 mi
3.9999733 ft

The Ocmulgee River and its tributaries drain in the middle of Georgia, but the river itself reaches the ocean. Historically the river provided an important commercial travel passage. In this part of the river dense stands of cypress and willow trees line both sides providing a feeling of seclusion while also offering riverside views. Tan sandbars form around the sweeping bends standing in stark contrast to the lush stream-side foliage. For a swifter ride keep right at New River and take the oxbow shortcut; there is a rather tricky rapid in this section so be prepared.


Georgia, Woodbine

06 :16 hrs
7.4 mi
- ft

This section of the Satilla river, nestled in the south-east corner of Georgia, offers a straightforward paddle with some great marshland scenery. This part of the river is wide and slow moving, making this paddle fairly easy despite its near fourteen mile length. Wildlife that may be seen along the way include a variety of water and sea-birds.


Georgia, Toombs County

04 :00 hrs
9.4 mi
3.6763554 ft

The Altamaha River, a massive coastal plain river, is an easy, distinctive paddling experience. The river’s south bank offers high shores lined with pine, sweet gum and oak, all part of the scenic, state-owned Bullard Creek Wildlife Management Area. While the river is very broad it is unexpectedly shallow, and offers a moderate current. Know that since the river is so wide it will be important to get to the north bank well before the take-out point. Also, be aware that on occasion there may be fallen trees along the shores, which usually do not pose a navigational problem because the river is over 300 feet wide.


Georgia, Bainbridge

03 :26 hrs
7.9 mi
15.664164 ft

The Apalachicola River is, approximately 110 miles long, mostly in the State of Florida. This river's large watershed, which is know as the AFC, is very broad and eventually dumps into the Gulf of Mexico. This section of the river, beginning at the city of Bainbridge, is very mild and is something that the whole family can do.


Mississippi, Covington County

02 :26 hrs
5.8 mi
13.278679 ft

Mississippi is not a state that has a lot of whitewater. Several streams have occasional chutes and drop-offs, but only the Okatoma is renowned for its whitewater. The Okatoma Creek is just a regular Mississippi creek that happens to have four notable rapids on a popular stretch between Seminary and Sanford and minimal riffles and rapids elsewhere. This stretch from Sanford to Lux offers fewer thrills than the upstream section but still has some challenges.

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