Best Trails in Indiana

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Illinois, Vermilion County

01 :41 hrs
6.4 mi
26.524948 ft

The mountain bike trails in Kickapoo State Park provide some of the best trails and beautiful scenery Illinois has to offer. The network of trails consists of 5 loops that can be combined for a total of 6 miles of riding. This ride utilizes sections of these trails for a loop through the area but there are obviously many more trip options available. The trails provide lots of ups and downs through wooded terrain that add some fun challenge. The ride also provides some nice scenery as it travels over small creeks and passes by a lake. The trails are well-marked and contain arrows showing recommended direction of travel. Checking out the trail map of the area is advisable to get a good concept of how all the trails can connect.


Illinois, Vermilion County

03 :39 hrs
9.9 mi
54.429 ft

This loop hike follows the longest trail within the preserve leading hikers through diverse habitats to include wooded ravines, tallgrass prairies, seeps, and small ponds and creeks. There are some short but steep climbs throughout the route as well as multiple stream crossings. The diverse habitats of the area are home to a variety of plantlife and birdlife. There are some designated campsites available for overnight trips in the preserve. The trail does require preregistering in advance for a minimal fee so contact the nature preserve before setting out. There are other trails that do not require any type of registration for hikers who have not registered to hike the backpack trail.


Illinois, Cook County

03 :05 hrs
8.8 mi
42.61032 ft

Located within the Palos/Sag Valley Preserves, this loop trail explores the diverse vegetation of Cap Sauers Holdings and Swallow Cliff Woods. The trail travels into marshes, deep ravines, and thick woods with multiple stream crossings. There is lots of opportunity for enjoying nature and viewing wildlife in this scenic area just 25 minutes from downtown Chicago. There are multiple access spots, parking areas, and connecting trails along the route giving hikers the option of covering just portions of the trail or adding more mileage.


Illinois, DuPage County

03 :17 hrs
9.5 mi
54.31189 ft

This popular forest preserve is located less than 30 miles from downtown Chicago and provides hikers and bikers with miles of trails that explore the scenic terrain of rolling woodlands, marshes, ponds, and streams. There is also a waterfall along the hike as well as some overlook spots for the Des Plaines River. The main crushed gravel trail is mostly used for biking and hiking and there are additional connecting side trails within the preserve that also be used to explore the area. The trails are multi-use and popular with bikers, horseback riders, and runners also so watch out for others while on the trail.


Illinois, Cook County

02 :03 hrs
5.8 mi
36.69452 ft

Located just over 20 miles from downtown Chicago, this loop trail explores multiple wooded areas and scenic lakes located in a beautiful and peaceful nature preserve. The area offers excellent opportunity for viewing wildlife and birdwatching. The trail is primarily dirt and gravel and is popular with hikers and bikers. There are multiple access points and connecting trails along the route providing hikers with the option of adding mileage to explore more of the area or shortening the trip by hiking just portions of the trail.


Kentucky, Bullitt County

05 :09 hrs
13.7 mi
104.66553 ft

This trail is inside the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. This is Kentucky’s official arboretum. There are over 1,800 kinds of trees, shrubs, and other plants. You will find over 35 miles of available hiking trails. This scenic hike takes you through heavily wooded forest and along nice ridge tops. You will encounter some steep up and down sections throughout the adventure. Make sure to bring plenty of water. There can also be a lot of ticks, mosquitoes and chiggers.You must register at the Kiosk or the Visitor Center Desk before starting this hike. There is a $5.00 fee/vehicle on Saturdays and Sundays.


Kentucky, Louisville

01 :16 hrs
3.1 mi
86.82376 ft

This trail is strenuous as it travels up hills and valleys of the westernmost portion of the Jefferson Memorial Forest. When you reach the summit, the trail offers beautiful overlooks of the surrounding area. In the spring and summer you will find beautiful wildflowers throughout the hike. The trail is marked with red blazes. If you would like to shorten the adventure, there is a connector trail that will shorten the loop to 1.4 miles. Be careful, as poison ivy is prevalent along the start of the trail.Mountain biking is prohibited on all of the parks trails.


Indiana, Fulton County

02 :35 hrs
25.7 mi
45.724686 ft

You will ride through wetlands, woodlands, and a large variety of plant and animal life. Being a rail trail, there are some parts of it that are paved, gravel and there is a slight, almost unnoticeable grade. The trail is long enough that regardless of how many times you’ve ridden it, you will always see something new.


Indiana, Noble County

00 :29 hrs
1.4 mi
16.897614 ft

There is a network of trails to explore along with water and winter activities. There are campgrounds or cabins available for overnight stay. All the lakes have blue-green algae. Do not swim or let pets in the water where there is a high concentration of algae. Drinking water should not come from any lake at any time. On this trail you will find a valley and, a ridge through the woods. There are two channels to be crossed.


Illinois, Joliet

04 :03 hrs
20.4 mi
59.009827 ft

This paved multi-use trail starts from the town of Joliet and connects to multiple towns, parks, and forest preserves to its end at the town of Park Forest. Riding the trail provides lots of opportunity to ride along scenic open space that provides solitude and the chance for viewing abundant wildlife and plantlife. There are multiple access points as well as connections to other trail systems in the area that allow for customizing a trip of shorter or longer distances. The trail is paved and is mostly used for biking but hikers and joggers also use the trail so watch out for others along the way. The trail is mostly flat and easy to follow making it a great option for bikers of all skill levels.

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