Best Trails in Iowa

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Iowa, Polk County

05 :40 hrs
13.8 mi
110.29744 ft

Walking through biking trail and more on the shore of Big Creek Lake.


Iowa, Warren County

00 :45 hrs
2.2 mi
5.5433044 ft

This is a fun trail; although paved, it takes you into nature. The woods surrounding it and the lakes offer a wonderful view as you hike. You will encounter bikers along the way. There is a shooting range next to it and the park is surrounded by farmland.


Illinois, Galena

05 :37 hrs
57.2 mi
160.13708 ft

Starting from the small historic town of Galena, this biking route leads through beautiful countryside that offers excellent scenery and lots of steep rolling hills. The ride follows mostly quiet roads through diverse terrain including woodlands, along streams, past farms, and through rural areas with only a few busier sections that require a little more caution. The names of the roads change frequently and get a little confusing so pay close attention in order to stay on track.


Wisconsin, Prairie du Chien

06 :12 hrs
62.5 mi
185.12654 ft

This ride offers you a scenic tour around the Lower Wisconsin River and back up the Mississippi. You will travels through historic towns, along the ridge overlooking the rivers, through vast prairies, and pass historic sites. The terrain is rolling with a couple moderate climbs. For a 34-mile ride, turn right on State Highway 60 in Wauzeka. Be cautious on many of the highways as traffic can be fast.


Iowa, West Des Moines

01 :18 hrs
3.1 mi
43.913315 ft

This is a 2-mile loop that follows a dirt path loop around the perimeter of Brown's Woods. There are several large hills so expect some ups and downs. Restrooms and water are available at the trailhead. If you bring your cell phone they have an audio cellphone tour around the park.


Iowa, Ankeny

00 :42 hrs
1 mi
9.5572815 ft

Hikers and cyclists share the path. A short and paved trail filled with wildlife and Birdwatching opportunities. There is rich vegetation throughout your hike. Please do not feed the wildlife. No fee required.


Iowa, Spirit Lake

01 :46 hrs
17.6 mi
16.59668 ft

You will start on a paved trail and quickly move on to paved roads. Enjoy the lake views through most of the ride and beautiful farmland country. Riding by wetland there are blackbirds, wood ducks and mallards present. An interesting side note, the Lake has a beautiful legend, look it up if you have a chance. Remember to wear sunscreen and bring plenty of water.


Wisconsin, Gays Mills

01 :31 hrs
7.6 mi
17.717667 ft

This ride offers an opportunity to explore a land of contrasts. The Kickapoo Valley presents both ridgetop and river bottom scenery that is absolutely breathtaking. The towns of Gays Mills and Soldiers Grove each have their own unique character as well. You will ride parallel to beautiful creeks, past orchards, over ridgetops and through valleys. The terrain is hilly.


Iowa, Des Moines

01 :40 hrs
3.5 mi
32.799957 ft

This is a double Loop through Water Works park. It is on the road so be mindful of traffic. It's a flat, easy walk. Enjoy!


Illinois, Henry County

06 :46 hrs
34 mi
23.065475 ft

The Hennepin Canal Trail is a trail that spans multiple counties in Illinois as it follows a canal that makes its way from the Mississippi River east to the Illinois River with a connecting feeder canal trail that also connects from the north. This section starts in the western portion of the trail at Lock 29 and travels through the remote rural areas on its way to the turnaround point at the feeder basin where the feeder canal comes to a convergence with the main canal. There are limited pit stops and access areas located right along the canal trail for water, bathrooms, or food so be sure to come prepared beforehand. The trail provides scenery of the canal all along the path with sections through wooded terrain and lots of open rural scenery. From the feeder basin the trail can be continued for many miles to the east or the north giving riders the option of customizing a longer trip. The trail is mixed asphalt and crushed limestone and is very level making it a good option for riders of all skill levels.

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