Best Canoeing in Louisiana

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Louisiana, St. Martin County

01 :26 hrs
3.2 mi
1.5122844 ft

Lake Martin is an excellent place to paddle for those who love birdwatching, wildlife viewing, and dramatic scenery. The lake is owned by the Nature Conservancy and is one of the largest nesting colonies for a wide variety of bird species. Alligators are also common in the area. The lake is surrounded by dense forest and cypress swap terrain that is scenic and very interesting. The lake is open to the public and free to access. There are also hiking trails in the area but some are closed during alligator nesting season.


Mississippi, Newton County

01 :29 hrs
3.3 mi
9.574905 ft

Turkey Creek Water Park features a 250-acre lake located just five miles southwest of Decatur. This is one of the most popular lakes around, attracting skiers, paddlers, fishermen, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. It is known for its conservation program and natural beauty. The shorelines are filled with wildflowers, thick forest, deer, squirrels, ducks, turkeys, and other wildlife. There is also a white sand beach for swimmers, wooded picnic areas, and nature trails.


Mississippi, Wiggins

04 :16 hrs
9.5 mi
1.1998672 ft

Flint Creek Reservoir is a 600-acre lake located in the Flint Creek Water Park in Wiggins. The lake is stocked with bass, bream, crappie, and catfish. Boating, waterskiing, swimming, jet skiing, and paddling are other popular activities on the water. Also available is the parks waterslides. Many other family recreational opportunities are available. The scenery is wonderful and wildlife is abundant with thick, beautiful forest filling the shorelines. Wild turkey, deer, squirrels, ducks, and other waterfowl can often be found along the lakeside.


Louisiana, St. Tammany County

03 :16 hrs
7.3 mi
2.999998 ft

The Pearl River forms the border between Louisiana and Mississippi and offers some scenic paddling, especially the section that runs through the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area. The river widens as it enters Louisiana and splits into multiple channels. This section of river starts at Davis Landing on the most western river channel and follows the river south through swamp and marsh terrain to the take-out at Indian Village. The area is very rugged and full of wildlife, including gators.


Louisiana, Allen County

03 :42 hrs
8.3 mi
6.108472 ft

The Whiskey Chitto stream is probably the most popular canoeing destination in all of Louisiana, and that is for good reason. The stream has clear water, soft white sand, a decent current, and good access. This popular section of the river starts at the Highway 26 bridge in Mittie and flows over 8 miles south to a take-out on Carpenter's Bridge. Because of the popularity of floating the river there are multiple outfitters that offer rentals and shuttles, but the popularity also results in more crowds and visitors to the stream. There is good paddling past Carpenter's Bridge and there are lots of good camping areas for paddlers who want to cover more distance.


Louisiana, Calcasieu County

02 :60 hrs
6.7 mi
1.2995859 ft

Sam Houston Jones State Park provides convenient access to the scenic and rugged Calcasieu and Houston Rivers in southern Louisiana. This paddling trip starts from the main launch near the campgrounds and cabins and explores the Calcasieu River in the park to the east and west. The river has minimal current and can be paddled easily in both directions. The state park also offers hiking trails, picnic areas, campgrounds, and a visitors center.


Louisiana, Evangeline County

06 :14 hrs
13.8 mi
2.5999994 ft

This canoe trail explores the clear and scenic waters of Chicot Lake which is part of a state park that is also home to the Louisiana State Arboretum. The lake is surrounded by lots of diverse vegetation and forested terrain that results in some dramatic scenery and lots of opportunity for viewing wildlife. The canoe trail can be paddled in smaller sections and accessed from multiple launch sites. The trip can be done as a shorter one-way trip by shuttling vehicles between access sites or as a longer out-and-back trip. The state park also offers picnicing, camping, and lots of hiking trails.


Louisiana, Sabine County

03 :34 hrs
8 mi
10.221397 ft

Toro Bayou is known as one of the most beautiful and enjoyable streams to run in all of Louisiana due to its clear waters and wilderness setting. The river is dependent on rainfall and is only good for running in the spring or right after rainfall when water levels are sufficient. The river becomes runnable when levels hit 25% and is best when levels hit about 70%. The river should not be run when the levels go above 90% as this makes paddling conditions dangerous. This section of the river starts at the Highway 473 bridge and ends at Toro Road at the iron bridge. This area is very scenic, remote, and rugged so paddling can be challenging. There may be some portaging required as obstacles may be present. For safety, be sure to set out with at least two canoes.


Louisiana, Calcasieu County

03 :33 hrs
4 mi
0.35935795 ft

The Sabine Island Wildlife Management Area is a great destination for paddling due to the impressive scenery, multiple waterways, and peaceful setting with lots of solitude. The layout of the area offers easy access to lots of bayous and lakes for exploration. This trip starts from the Niblett's Bluff Park and heads just under a mile south to Watson Bayou. The area is very primitive and rugged providing lots of opportunity for viewing wildlife and enjoying nature, but pay attention when paddling through the area as it can be easy to get lost, especially during high water. Camping is not allowed in the wildlife management area but there is camping available at Niblett's Bluff.


Mississippi, Pike County

02 :00 hrs
4.5 mi
3.7999954 ft

Lake Tangipahoa is a 700-acre lake and is the focal point in the Percy Quinn State Park. Loblolly pines and stately magnolia trees, rolling hills, spectacular wildlife, and seasonal flowers surround the lake and fill the park, creating wonderful scenery and views from the water. Boating, swimming, and fishing are generally permitted on the lake, however fishing is closed until 2017. Many camping opportunities and other recreational activities are available in the park.

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