Best Mountain Biking in Louisiana

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Mississippi, Lincoln County

00 :51 hrs
3.2 mi
14.484787 ft

The Mt. Zion Bike Trails are in a great, relatively remote area. This loop trail has great flow, the climbs are always rewarded with fun descents, and lots of intentional obstacles are placed to test your skill and provide a great playground for mountain bikers. You will encounter wooden berms, walls, and tabletops, a 14-foot see-saw, innumerable wooded bridges, and fun jumps. Although this route has many obstacles and challenges, there are always warning signs and turn-offs to avoid them. Alternate loops for beginners and a 1-mile loop for kids are available here with a pavilion stocked with popsicles for the kids. This is a great spot for riders of all abilities.


Louisiana, Lincoln County

00 :55 hrs
3.5 mi
26.66932 ft

Lincoln Parish Park is located in the northern outskirts of Ruston and provides visitors a wide variety of recreational opportunities, including biking and hiking on its miles of scenic trails. This ride follows the beginner mountain biking trail which is a great option for less-experienced or younger riders who want to explore the area. There are also sections of advanced trail along this route so be sure to pay attention and stay on the correct trails if you are a beginner rider. The park also offers camping, picnicing, boating, fishing, and a swimming beach.


Louisiana, Lincoln County

02 :18 hrs
8.9 mi
30.834095 ft

Lincoln Parish Park is located in the northern outskirts of Ruston and provides visitors a wide variety of recreational opportunities, including biking, hiking, and running on its miles of dirt trails. This popular loop ride follows a route for advanced bikers looking for some challenging terrain for riding including lots of hills and multiple jumps. The park also has a beginner loop trail for riders with less experience. The park offers camping, picnicing, fishing, non-motorized boating, and a swimming beach.


Louisiana, Evangeline Parish County

00 :55 hrs
1.8 mi
9.852268 ft

Chicot Lake State Park offers scenic waters for paddling as well as miles of enjoyable hiking trails. This section of the trail system is located on the west side of Chicot Lake and follows the shoreline south between the Walker Branch trailhead to the South Landing trailhead. The trail travels through the forested area over lots of small rolling hills. The narrow singletrack trail can be rough and very wet at times adding a little extra challenge for riders. The trail system continues further in both directions from the trailheads for this hike providing riders and bikers with lots of different riding options in the park. The trail is also used a lot by hikers and fisherman so watch out for others on the trail.


Louisiana, East Baton Rouge County

01 :14 hrs
4.6 mi
4.597804 ft

Located in the northeast outskirts of Baton Rouge, Comite River Park offers mountain bikers a fun and challenging race course that runs along the scenic Comite River and Cypress Bayou. The singletrack trail travels over some hilly terrain with some short but steep ascents and descents and lots of twists and turns. The trail network here is extensive with lots of shortcut trails so you may want to refer to a trail map when exploring the area. The trails are also popular for hiking so pay close attention to other users on the trail.


Texas, Sabine County

01 :04 hrs
4 mi
28.534256 ft

Located inside of Sabine National Forest, this mountain biking trail, which doubles as a hiking trail, is a gem. Right at four miles, this is not especially difficult track, though some of the short climbs can be somewhat steep. Access to trail is off of a dirt road, and parking is merely a wide spot in that dirt track. The limited access has the advantage that this is a somewhat unknown and less popular spot, so you'll probably be alone during your adventure.


Mississippi, Madison County

01 :38 hrs
6.4 mi
40.154335 ft

The Ridgeland Trails is an excellent trail system through a beautiful forest. The scenery is beautiful with plenty of large rock formations. Different trails are available for riders of different skill levels. This route combines them all and provides more variety and mileage. There is an awesome tree bridge for more advanced riders, some short, challenging climbs, fun obstacles, and a wooden banked turn. A membership is required to use this track but 2-day memberships are available at a kiosk.


Louisiana, Sabine Parish County

01 :41 hrs
6.5 mi
55.04472 ft

This ride follows a network of nature trails near Toledo Bend Reservoir and Cypress Bend Golf Course that provide hikers and bikers enjoyable terrain for exploration. The dirt trail covers rolling hill terrain with lots of short ascents and fast downhill sections. The ride can easily be shortened by riding smaller individual loops. The trails are also popular for hiking so watch out for others on the trail.


Mississippi, Stone County

02 :24 hrs
9.1 mi
22.280087 ft

The Bethel Bike Trails are a network of 7 different trails in the De Soto National Forest. They are primarily single track with occasional doubletrack sections. The trails are mostly flat with only slight changes in elevation. This route combines three trails, the Badlands, the Briar Patch, and then the Couch. The scenery consists of mostly piney woods but the Couch Trail parallels the Tuxachanie Creek with great views. Several roots pose small challenges on the Couch Trail as well. This is a common hunting area and caution is advised during hunting season.


Louisiana, Natchitoches County

06 :53 hrs
26.4 mi
71.19455 ft

The Sandstone Trail is located in the Kisatchie National Forest and offers miles and miles of rugged wilderness for exploration. This long loop ride follows the trail system through the area where lots of wildlife and solitude can be found. The loop ride is long so an overnight bike-camp trip may also be an option. The terrain consists of lots of small hills with short but steep descents and climbs but nothing too overly challenging. The terrain is rugged and the trails are rough with roots, rocks, and possible snakes so riders do need to pay close attention when riding in the area.

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