Best Mountain Biking in Minnesota

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Wisconsin, Clark County

02 :07 hrs
8 mi
56.25238 ft

This trail is just north of the Black River State Forest and is among the most exciting and rewarding in all the state. This cluster is often overlooked and offers climbing of a sort not normally found outside of mountainous regions. You will find stunning, unobstructed views, incredible singletrack, and beautiful medium-paced cross-country trails. Two towering mounds dominate the diverse terrain. Levis Mound to the south is covered with ribbons of narrow trails cutting back and forth on their way to the peak. Trow Mound to the north just out of the forest and has two trails leading to the top. Atop these mounds, views stretch out for miles over the surrounding forest. The trail is not very technical but the repeated climbing and descending is intense.


Wisconsin, Jackson County

02 :55 hrs
5.5 mi
45.42035 ft

The Perry Creek Trail is arguably one of the most pleasant rides in Wisconsin. You will get a beautiful look at nature in a quiet corner of the Black River State Forest as the trail winds through the trees, first along the base of Castle Mound, then later high above Perry Creek. There are only two places near the turnaround where there is any climbing involved. The trail seldom strays from the creek and the scenery gets more stunning and unique as you go. At times the bluffs rise to 40 feet above the waters and there are plenty of places to stop and sit atop the bluffs or walk down to the water’s edge. The ride is best suited for beginners, families, or riders not wanting technical challenge but instead scenic views from the saddle.


Wisconsin, Vernon County

06 :57 hrs
14 mi
91.37166 ft

At Kickapoo Valley Reserve, a vast mountain-biking playground awaits in one of the most beautiful, unspoiled parts of the state. The trails are quiet and scenic with breathtaking scenery that includes a ridge and valley through mostly a deep hardwood forest with periodic open fields. Many opportunities for viewing wildlife are also present here. The terrain is hilly with a mix of long, moderate grades and short, steep grades and short sections along the flatter river bottom roads. The trail surface is rough with some soft, muddy low spots and some sections with severe erosion, creating trail hazards.


Wisconsin, Washburn County

01 :51 hrs
6.9 mi
37.238556 ft

Nordic Woods offers a solid shot of woods and lake scenery that is as beautiful as you will find anywhere else. The terrain is easy enough for any rider to take on, and shortcut trails are options that should keep even beginners from getting overextended. The terrain is gently rolling with a few soft, boggy spots that add the only bit of difficulty. The scenery is a beautiful deep forest of maple, birch, and pine, with trailside views of tiny lakes and bogs that is charming enough to entice any rider.


Wisconsin, Bayfield County

03 :32 hrs
13.3 mi
81.70267 ft

The Short & Fat Trails are a short version of the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival that includes a 40-mile race track. About a thousand riders compete annually in the Short & Fat and its course has varied over the history of the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, but the current course has been so popular that the CAMBA has signed it for recreational use. The route has many challenging steep uphills and downhills but the track has very little technical difficulty other than handling your bike on these roller-coaster hills. The scenery is well worth the trip as you will ride through a beautiful hardwood and pine forest.


Wisconsin, Bayfield County

02 :22 hrs
8.9 mi
62.7782 ft

The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association has created several singletrack trails because of high demand from avid mountain bikers in the area. The terrain around Telemark is aerobically challenging with several climbs that are long and steep and many short steep climbs. The technical difficulty includes these challenging steep grades on a loose surface with tight corners and narrow passages as well as. You will ride through a forest of pine, birch, and maple over paved roads, dirt roads, uneven doubletrack, and narrow, twisty singletrack. The scenery is great and the trail contains exciting challenges and surprises that are bound to test riders of any ability.


South Dakota, Roberts County

01 :34 hrs
6.1 mi
120.63092 ft

Sica Hollows State Park covers an area of rugged terrain consisting of thickly forested ravines and hillsides and lots of trails that provide some fun and challenging rides. An extensive network of horse trails in the park can be used to customize trips of varying distances and difficulties for biking and hiking. The singletrack dirt and grass trails can be muddy, especially in the shady areas, and possible obstructions and obstacles may also be present on sections of trail. This ride follows multiple trails to complete one long loop around the park and is a good option for experienced riders. The trails are also popular for hiking and horseback riding so watch out for others along the way.


Wisconsin, Sawyer County

02 :09 hrs
8 mi
24.149872 ft

This route is a combination of different loop trails located near the North Fork of the Flambeau River in Flambeau River State Forest. You will ride on several different trails to create a beautiful and diverse route through the forests, some wetlands, along the North Fork and crossing Rim Creek two times. This is only a small portion of the extensive trail network available in this area (see also Snuss Trail and Oxbo Lake). The difficulty on this trail is also very diverse with mostly easy to moderate riding and some challenging and technical sections on the Ridge Run portion of the Trail.


Wisconsin, Sawyer County

06 :56 hrs
26 mi
90.13864 ft

An entire day can easily be spent here riding through the ridges and valleys surrounding the glacier-carved lakes of this north woods area. There are five trails in all, ranging from hard-packed doubletrack to paved roads. The majority of the riding is done over rolling glaciated terrain, with climbs ranging from 20 to 40 feet each. The Fire Tower Trail, however, has a nasty climb to the top of the bluff which covers a good 150 feet of elevations at a nasty incline. The view and the thrilling descent make it worthwhile.


Wisconsin, Stevens Point

06 :28 hrs
24 mi
17.681305 ft

The Green Circle is a scenic hiking and biking trail that loops through the Stevens Point area and connects with over 20 miles of additional trails. It winds through forests and parks, over wetlands, and along rivers. All urban residents are within 10 minutes of the trail system, and yet, more than 80% of the Green Circle travels through secluded parks and natural areas. The surface of the trail varies by section and can be crushed stone, asphalt, wood chips, boardwalks, sidewalks or roadways. Pets are allowed on most segments of the trail, but are not allowed in the Schmeeckle Reserve. An alternative route around the reserve is available along North Point Drive.

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