Best Road Biking in Minnesota

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Minnesota, Park Rapids

07 :32 hrs
75.6 mi
99.02316 ft

The area that this road biking adventure runs through is sometimes been called the gateway to Itasca State Park. The region is know for its logging, farming and milling communities and has been called the " Loon Capital of the United States". This route will take you past several of the areas' 400+ lakes, offering you the opportunity to explore other adventure opportunities if you desire. Overall this is one of the more scenic tours in Minnesota. Be apprised that traffic can be fast on U.S. Highway 71 and Highway 200.


Wisconsin, Osceola

04 :38 hrs
46.6 mi
92.7641 ft

This cruise starts in Oakley Park in Osceola, a town that still offers passage up the valley on railcars powered by a steam engine. The route takes advantage of the valley's landscape as it travels through the rolling farmland, along the Apple River, meanders from one scenic lake to another, reaches the top of a ridge with a great view of the St. Croix River Valley, and makes a rewarding descent back to the park in Osceola. The terrain is rolling with a couple of significant climbs.


Wisconsin, Ashland

04 :04 hrs
40.8 mi
115.2516 ft

This ride starts in the town of Ashland on the south shore of Lake Superior. You will leave from a park that has great wildlife viewing and also an artesian well to fill you water bottles. You will travel first along the sandy beaches of Lake Gitche Gumee, then head south on a tour past several small towns that contributed to the area’s history. Along the way, stop at a cheese shop in Benoit, and then roll down Moonshine Alley to Mason. You will also ride past a field of sunflowers and travel through a community with a large sawmill operation. To make a 14 mile ride, turn left from U.S. Highway 2 onto State Highway 137 and to make a 29 mile ride, head east out of Benoit on State Highway 118. The terrain is rolling with a couple medium hills to climb.


Wisconsin, La Crosse County

02 :17 hrs
23 mi
118.83778 ft

If you like grand scenery and sleepy little towns this ride is for you. The laid-back character of the area belies the fact that it’s just a few miles from the busy city of La Crosse. Begin this tour in Goose Island State Park and ride along the majestic Mississippi River. Then reach the small town of Stoddard and take a scenic route along the Coon Creek and through the beautiful hills. The views are spectacular on this tour and the terrain is hilly.


Minnesota, Two Harbors

07 :18 hrs
73.8 mi
392.45474 ft

The Gitchi-Gami Classic offers a long and challenging road biking adventure with spectacular North Shore scenery. The landscapes displayed include Lake Superior's rugged shoreline, many scenic vistas, views of the Superior National Forest, panoramic views of the lake, wildlife and much more. Be apprised that while most of the roads on this route are low traffic there are a couple spots with medium or fast traffic.


Wisconsin, Oneida County

04 :44 hrs
47.3 mi
19.160492 ft

This route starts in Minocqua at the Bearskin State trailhead and travels through the countryside on roads of Oneida and Vilas counties. You will follow lakefront roads as they wind around the bays and peninsulas of Kawaguesaga Lake then onto twisting roads on a rolling forested lane. Passing several scenic lakes and quaint little towns that are rich with history, you will make full circle back to Minocqua. The terrain is gently rolling. For a 26-mile ride head north out of Minocqua on Doctor Pink Road and for a 36-mile ride turn north on Florshiem Road along the east side of Shishebogama Lake.


Minnesota, Lake City

07 :42 hrs
78.3 mi
157.17793 ft

This road biking adventure displays some breathtaking and panoramic views. You will encounter a variety of landscapes along this way including lush farmlands, a beautiful ridge, Lake Pepin, the Mississippi River, the forests of the Richard J. Dorer Hardwood State Forest. You will pass through Wabasha, a town that was featured in the movie of "Grumpy Old Men". The views from the bluffs along Lake Peppin are spectacular. Be apprised that while most of the roads are low traffic there are a couple areas with moderate traffic and Highway 61 has fast traffic.


Wisconsin, Alma

04 :13 hrs
42.7 mi
173.16118 ft

Bicycling is one of the best ways to explore the scenery and history of the Upper Mississippi River Valley. The valley is home to quaint towns that are not filled with attractions of popular tourist towns. The landscape is a medley of the gently rolling Great River Road and the challenging climbs of the “coulee country,” steep, winding valleys where water only flows in the spring. Alma is a town squeezed right between the river below and the bluffs above.


Wisconsin, Grantsburg

06 :19 hrs
63.2 mi
28.600342 ft

This challenge allows you to step back to a time when life was much simpler. You will leave from Grantsburg at a location where Snow Flake Flour was once milled. As you ride, you will pass through the Crex meadows State Wildlife Area, cross Balcome Bridge over the Clam Lake Flowage, ride around a scenic lake, and visit a town with a 1950s Americana look. The terrain is rolling with a few small hills. For a 22-mile ride, turn right off of Town Hall Road onto East Refuge Road.


Minnesota, Silver Bay

04 :54 hrs
25.5 mi
426.33795 ft

This road biking adventure through Minnesota’s northeast corner in the United States most visited wilderness, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The BWCA has over one-million acres of beautiful wilderness, which this adventure displays beautifully. This route features Lake Superior, Delay Lake, as well as the forests of the BWCA. The forests in the wilderness area a full of several different tree species, including red pine, white pine, balsam fir, spruce, cedar, birch, aspen, ash and maple. Animals indigenous to the area include moose, beaver, bears, bobcats, bald eagles, wolves and peregrine falcons.

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