Best ATV in Montana

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Montana, Mineral County

02 :36 hrs
30.9 mi
449.677 ft

The Route of the Olympian is a very long trail that is great for just about any vehicle. This trail is popular for snowmobiling in the winter as well as for ATVs and motorcycles throughout the year. There are lots of intersecting trails that can be explored as well. Hiking and mountain biking may also be enjoyed here. Visitors can enjoy fishing along the way.


Montana, Yellowstone County

00 :16 hrs
2.7 mi
45.12805 ft

Shepherd Ah Nei Recreation Area offers a huge amount of multi-use trails. Over 50 miles of trails are offered and can accommodate motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs up to 50 inches in length. There is a $5 fee per OHV. Whip flags are not required and camping is not allowed within the area.


Montana, Dawson County

00 :15 hrs
2.8 mi
67.11902 ft

Glendive Short Pine OHV Area is a large and diverse network of trails that can accommodate any type of vehicle. Some primitive campsites are offered. Most of the trails consist of hard packed, dry dirt as well as some juniper trees and scrub brush. A Montana OHV permit is required here.


Montana, Carbon County

02 :35 hrs
17.9 mi
765.7029 ft

Pryor Mountains Trail System is a great trail that is located within the Custer Gallatin National Forest. There are miles and miles of open trails with beautiful mountain views. Camping is available nearby at Sage Creek Campground. ATVs, UTVs, and 4x4s are all welcome here.


Montana, Valley County

00 :13 hrs
2.1 mi
44.124023 ft

Glasgow OHV area is a large and flat area that can accommodate just about any vehicle. ATVs, UTVs, 4x4s, and motorcycles. There are no fees here and visitors can enjoy an endless amount of easy dirt trails. The only obstacles here include some ruts and bumps as well as some steep hill climbs.


Montana, Prairie County

00 :15 hrs
2.6 mi
82.627014 ft

Terry OHV Area offers miles and miles of hard packed ATV trails. The scenery is amazing throughout this area. Just about any rig is welcome here as long as you have a Montana OHV Permit. No parking or riding fees are required here. Trails are very easy for the most part and contain no major obstacles aside from some hill climbs and ruts.


Montana, Park County

01 :11 hrs
7.4 mi
391.6521 ft

Wicked Creek ATV Trail is about a 21 mile long trail that offers stunning scenery. The trail begins at nearby Snowbank Campground. This trail welcomes motorcycles/dirt bikes, ATVs, and UTVs, but not 4x4s. There are no fees for parking or riding unless you are planning on staying in the campground.


Montana, Jefferson County

01 :06 hrs
9.1 mi
239.78406 ft

Clancy OHV Area offers a great wooded experience for OHV riders. There is tons of trail to explore here and there is also a primitive camping area. A Montana OHV permit is required here. There are lots of ruts and hills here and the trails can get technical at times.


Montana, Judith Basin County

01 :23 hrs
13 mi
244.14502 ft

Woodchopper Ridge is a very scenic network of trails. Most of these trails are single track. There is a small campground nearby with plenty of amenities. Motorcycles/dirt bikes, ATVs, and UTVs up to 50 inches in length are all welcome here. A Montana OHV permit is required here and there is no parking or riding fee unless you are planning on staying in the campground.


Montana, Hill County

00 :14 hrs
2.8 mi
58.245056 ft

Fresno OHV Area is located along the shores of Fresno Reservoir and has an endless network of trails. Visitors should expect lots of sage and scrub brush. There is no entrance or parking fee. Campers are welcome here as well as all types of vehicles. Trails are smooth and single track for the most part.

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