Best Road Biking in Montana

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Idaho, Challis

12 :07 hrs
57.9 mi
365.88452 ft

This bike ride travels between Challis and Stanley on State Highway 75, and the route is part of the Salmon River Scenic Byway. The ride starts in Challis and goes south on highway 93, and then connects to Highway 75 within 3 miles. The route climbs very gradually as it follows alongside the Salmon River. Expect a lot curves, numerous areas with steep grades, and a very limited shoulder width. The route one way is about 58 miles, so be sure to plan ahead if you want to shuttle back or stay overnight somewhere.


Idaho, Salmon

05 :42 hrs
27.9 mi
378.92078 ft

This outing starts in Salmon, Idaho on Main Street, and the ride goes south on State Highway 28 parallel to the Lemhi River to Lemhi. The highway is also referred to as the Sacajawea Historic Byway, partly because of the historical fact that the Shoshone woman was born and raised in the Lemhi Valley. This passage through the high country of eastern Idaho offers interesting stories, historical legacies, and Native American rock art. There aren’t any major climbs, and the shoulder width on the highway is generally at 2 feet.


Idaho, Salmon

04 :53 hrs
23.9 mi
127.12073 ft

Located in Lemhi County, this outing starts in Salmon, Idaho and goes south on US Highway 93 to Elk Bend. This stretch of road is also referred to as the Salmon River Scenic Byway, which is one of the most popular byways in the Northern Rockies. The route rolls through fertile agriculture land next to the Salmon River, with a few short sections of steep grades. Expect a lot of curves, and the shoulder width on the highway is 1 - 2 feet. Also, keep in mind that there are limited services along the ride, so be well equipped with food, water, and supplies.


Idaho, Idaho County

08 :54 hrs
95.6 mi
719.2549 ft

This route starts at Powell near Parachute Hill Road and goes mostly downhill to Kamiah, Idaho. This is a 96 mile point to point trail, and it's a segment of the Lewis and Clark Trail that users usually pick up from the Missoula to Powell trip. There are tons of fun major attractions along the route including historic sites, restaurants, parks, taverns, scenic outlooks, and lodging.


Idaho, Lemhi County

04 :23 hrs
21.5 mi
93.213745 ft

The ride starts in Salmon, Idaho on Main Street and goes north on US Highway 93, which is also referred to as the Salmon River Scenic Byway. The route follows next to the Salmon River with historic sites, meadows, and rugged back country. Eventually, the ride reaches North Fork near Salmon River Road, and there aren't any major climbs along the way. The shoulder width on the highway ranges between 2 – 3 feet.


Idaho, Weippe

04 :49 hrs
24.5 mi
172.71887 ft

The route is also referred to as the Gold Rush Historic Byway and the it's loaded with scenery, history, and wildlife. The route along State Highway 11 also provides a wonderful, panoramic view of the Clearwater Valley, and the scenery changes from large farm fields to a lush forest thick with vegetation. Situated among the trees is the town of Pierce, where early settlers discovered gold in Idaho for the first time. There are plenty of attractions along with limited services in the area. Several sections of the highway have steep grades, and the shoulder width ranges from 0 – 2 feet.


Montana, Lewis and Clark County

04 :58 hrs
48.7 mi
253.49072 ft

This scenic loop is located along the Rocky Mountain Front Range. This is a popular route that follows through a maze of buttes, craggy peaks and ranches. There is great opportunity for seeing elk, mule deer, and sometimes bear.


Montana, Beaverhead County

03 :04 hrs
14.7 mi
373.11853 ft

This ride is a consistent climb along the Pioneer Mountains National Scenic Byway, which is considered one of the best stretches of road in western Montana. The route rides through open sage flats surrounded by the Pioneer Mountains. The route ends at Crystal Park where there is great picnic areas and mining claims that are open to the public. Using hand tools only you can dig for crystals.


Montana, Cooke City-Silver Gate

06 :07 hrs
58.6 mi
1423.9849 ft

The Beartooth Highway is named one of the best road rides in North America. The scenery is breathtaking. The ride begins at 7,000 feet and tops out at just a little under 11,000 feet. The middle section crosses into Wyoming but start and end points are in two of Montana’s tourist towns. This is for riders in top shape and is usually done with a shuttle. This road is closed to vehicles in the winter but sections are open for snowshoeing, skiing and snowmobiling.


Montana, Flathead County

09 :40 hrs
48 mi
1050.2388 ft

This route takes you from Apgar (west entrance) to Saint Mary (east entrance) in Glacier National Park. What a breathtaking way to enjoy this amazing park. Make this trip as long or as short as you wish. Make arrangements in advance for shuttling if you’re not up for the long haul. From June 15 to Labor there are strict cycling restrictions and sections of the road are closed between 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. so plan accordingly. Sections of the road are closed during winter and used for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Be aware that traffic is heavy along this route.

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