Best Snowmobile in Montana

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Montana, Powell County

02 :09 hrs
17.1 mi
381.23303 ft

Cottonwood Creek Snowmobiling Area is a large area that consists of many different trails. These trails can often be driven as a loop or visitors can explore the numerous side trails. Most of the trails are regularly groomed by the Mining City Trail Riders


Montana, Lincoln County

01 :40 hrs
14.5 mi
481.10303 ft

Fitzsimmons Snowmobiling Trail is a marked but not groomed trail that leads to a large network of groomed trails. There is a large designated area for parking at the trailhead. Visitors can enjoy lots of side trails and other areas to explore. Some restricted areas can be found further down the trail so it is recommended that everyone stays on the marked trails.


Montana, Beaverhead County

03 :37 hrs
34.1 mi
400.55298 ft

Trail C #2 is a regularly groomed loop that is also able to connect to many other trails within the area. Some side trails are marked but not groomed. The Beaverhead Sno-Riders groom this trail throughout the winter. There is a great designated parking area for this trail.


Montana, Jefferson County

00 :44 hrs
7.5 mi
196.96509 ft

Lowland Creek Snowmobile Trail leads to a giant network of trails that run throughout the whole area. All trails are regularly groomed by the Mining City Trail Riders. Visitors can expect a variety of terrain including open fields as well as some areas with thick trees.


Montana, Flathead County

00 :50 hrs
7.6 mi
263.94104 ft

Marker 1 Snowmobiling Trail covers a large area and can be driven as a loop or multiple out and back trails. Most of the trail and side trails are well groomed and if not they are well marked. The Summit Snowgoers are in charge of grooming this trail from December to April.


Montana, Lincoln County

01 :18 hrs
6.5 mi
611.036 ft

Fowler Creek Snowmobile Area is a well marked trail that is located within Kootenai National Forest. This trail is about 6 miles long and is not groomed. Visitors can enjoy exploring the many side trails within the area. Parking may be found right off of Fork Yard Road.


Montana, Beaverhead County

01 :42 hrs
14.6 mi
576.20605 ft

Bryant Creek Snowmobiling Area is a small and well maintained area. It can be driven as a loop but there are also some trails that branch off and can be explored. The Wise River Jackpine Savages groom this trail during the winter. At the trailhead there is a designated parking area.


Montana, Mineral County

01 :38 hrs
16.7 mi
364.30298 ft

Taft Snowmobiling Area is a pretty large area that eventually loops around. There are lots of surrounding trails as well. Most of the trail is groomed by the Montana Night Riders. The small section that is not groomed is still well marked. Grooming season is from December to March.


Montana, Beaverhead County

00 :33 hrs
6 mi
76.92798 ft

Trail B is a winding yet well groomed trail. There is a designated parking area that can accommodate plenty of people. The Wise River Jackpine Savages are in charge of grooming this trail during the winter. This trail connects with many others, some groomed, some only marked.


Montana, Lewis and Clark County

01 :27 hrs
14.3 mi
183.41199 ft

Hooper Snowmobiling Area is a pretty big network of trails. An endless amount of riding options exists, the one mapped here is a loop that can be driven, but there are plenty of other side trails to explore throughout. The trails are regularly groomed from December to March by the Ponderosa Snow Warriors.

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