Best Mountain Biking in North Dakota

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North Dakota, Ward County

01 :16 hrs
4.9 mi
49.013123 ft

This is a beautiful ride that traverses pasture land above the river and climbs over Black Butte, the tallest butte for miles around. The trail is tight singletrack with occasional rocky technical sections and one muddy water crossing. Switchbacks up and back down the butte provide nice views of the surrounding area. This trail is entirely on private property so please be respectful of the land and any cattle or horses that may be grazing.


North Dakota, Billings County

00 :48 hrs
3.1 mi
66.93744 ft

The Ice Caves are located on the northern edge of Billings County along the southern slope of a ridge capped by 30 feet of sandstone in the Sentinel Butte Formation. Large blocks of sandstone have become detached from the ridge cap and toppled down the slow, resting at various angles again one another, which has created the caves. Moisture inside the caves remains frozen into late spring or summer. On this trail you will follow a segment of the Maah Daah Hey Trail until you veer east, following the Ice Caves Trail. You will find yourself below large cliffs where the ice caves are all around. Be sure to get off your bike and explore these caves by foot.


North Dakota, Golden Valley County

03 :40 hrs
7.4 mi
67.12988 ft

The Buffalo Gap Trail is a section of the Maah Daah Hey Trail just outside of the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The landscape consists of mostly prairie with some buttes and rugged features of the Badlands. There is amazing scenery and spectacular views. There are some creek bed crossings that are usually dry, you will ride through two prairie dog “towns”, and there are great opportunities to view other wildlife such as elk, deer, bison, and coyotes. Some short and quick ups and downs provide some technical challenges but are typically very easy.


North Dakota, Stutsman County

02 :17 hrs
4.4 mi
13.621399 ft

The North Ridge Trail is located on the northeast end of Pipestem Lake. It is about 4 miles of singletrack and with parking available at both ends, it can be ridden one-way or out-and-back. Moderate levels of technical skill and exertion will be challenged on this track. Wonderful views over the lake and of the vast, surrounding prairies are to be had. It can be combined with the Pipestem Trail on the southeast end of the lake for a longer, more challenging ride.


North Dakota, Morton County

02 :12 hrs
8.4 mi
20.223694 ft

This is a great trail located near Mandan that circles Harmon Lake. The trail features beautiful wild flowers, native prairie grasses, and flowing, rolling hills. There are not any technical sections on the trail. More advanced riders can take this trail at a mid-high speed and with the smooth rises and descents and some tight corners, it can feel much like a roller coaster. The views and scenery are very attractive. The flow of the trail is better if ridden clockwise and the trail surface consists of dense packed dirt and some rock.


North Dakota, Burleigh County

03 :52 hrs
14.9 mi
67.0665 ft

The Adventist Academy Trail is a long singletrack trail that is looped like a tapeworm into the grounds around the Dakota Adventist Academy. It contains steep embankments and natural ridges which incorporate numerous climbs and descents. The track is bumpy with some sections on the sides of steep hills and large drop-offs. Several bridge-like stunts are placed throughout for crossing over fences and creeks. You will be riding through open pasture with grazing cattle so please be respectful of the animals. The track can be ridden in both directions to add variety.


North Dakota, Logan County

00 :31 hrs
1 mi
16.95697 ft

Beaver Lake State Park has a trail system with a series of loops open for hiking and biking. The Woodland Trail begins west out of the campground and wanders through the grass and woodlands where a variety of birds call home. Some possible species to see are kingbirds, meadowlarks, woodpeckers, chickadees and yellow warblers.


North Dakota, Mandan

01 :04 hrs
4.2 mi
35.305603 ft

The Eagle Bike Trail is located on the northwest corner of Mandan behind Clark elementary School and travels across beautiful rolling prairie landscape. It is medium singletrack with moderate technical challenges that include several short, steep climbs and one boardwalk section. As you ride, you will wind through a Frisbee golf course. The trail has a great flow and most can maintain a fairly quick speed, making it easy to run a few laps for a fun afternoon.


North Dakota, Logan County

00 :44 hrs
2.8 mi
19.96045 ft

Beaver Lake State Park has a trail system with a series of loops open for hiking and biking. Moraine Loop is the longest trail and wanders through native prairie terrain on a dirt singletrack trail. It offers excellent views of Beaver Lake and good bird and butterfly watching.


North Dakota, Stutsman County

01 :58 hrs
7.7 mi
34.592834 ft

The Pipestem Trail is located on the southeast end of Pipestem Lake. It is a loop trail that contains many tight turns, short steep climbs, and technical descents. Half of it is singletrack and the rest is a mowed path. Constant changes in elevation will keep your legs pumping and several changes in scenery keep the trail interesting. Lots of the trail is not shaded but the trail enters wooded areas several times throughout.

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