Best Canyoneering in Wyoming

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Wyoming, Cody

08 :56 hrs
18.5 mi
466.24097 ft

Cut by the Yellowstone River, this climb up Clarks Fork Canyon is amazingly gorgeous. The route starts and ends next to very calm water with wide canyon walls. There are intense sections of the route that are a forced swim through rough waters with tight walls. Opportunities to view wildlife abound in this untouched wilderness. The route can also be done the opposite way with a descent down the river.


Wyoming, Johnson County

01 :20 hrs
1.9 mi
215.45947 ft

There are numerous canyons just like this route near Hole in the Wall, a remote hideout located in the Big Horn Mountains. The site was used in the late 19th century by the Hole in the Wall Gang, a group of cattle rustlers and other outlaws which included Kid Curry, Black Jack Ketchum, and Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch gang. This is out-and-back route that climbs the tree-filled canyon with gorgeous rock walls.


Wyoming, Big Horn County

13 :02 hrs
9.4 mi
1012.64233 ft

Cut by Porcupine Creek, this canyon eventually leads to the large Big Horn Canyon. The route begins down a short and steep trail to the base of the majestic 200-foot Porcupine Falls. Heading north, this route follows the beautiful canyon as it winds through untouched, remote and amazingly gorgeous wilderness and desert. This is an out-and-back route, turning around where a tributary creek enters. The canyon does continue on for many more miles before joining Big Horn Canyon.


Wyoming, Big Horn County

03 :44 hrs
3.2 mi
249.09045 ft

Cut out by a small creek, this canyon leads to the large Big Horn Canyon that is filled by Big Horn Lake. The route follows the canyon as it makes sharp twists and turns through this barren and remote land. Most of the time, this canyon is dry and gets very tight as it gets closer to the lake. This is an out and back route and there are many wildlife viewing opportunities.


Wyoming, Johnson County

09 :27 hrs
8 mi
552.05396 ft

One of the numerous unnamed canyons near Hole in the Wall, this canyon is cut to be eight miles long with steep walls on both sides the entire length. The route is a climb to the other side and thus a decline on the return. The trees are thick surrounding the stream and there are a few waterfalls and rocks. The scenery is amazing and untouched in this very remote location.


Wyoming, Jackson Hole

14 :55 hrs
10.2 mi
1074.6707 ft

This is a maintained trail through Cascade Canyon is Grand Teton National Park. The route begins around the southern side of Jenny Lake and passes beautiful Hidden Falls before climbing into Cascade Canyon. The route follows a trail next to the river, and has spectacular views of the Tetons along its entirety.


Wyoming, Converse County

02 :42 hrs
6.3 mi
277.13135 ft

This is a great canyoneering route through Deer Creek Canyon. The canyon is a major route through the Washakie Wilderness into the Thorofare Country of the Teton Wilderness. Running from south to north, this canyon is remote, located southeast from Casper. There are no large falls along the route, but a gradual decline the entire way along a twisting, rocky river. The canyon has swift running water, waterfalls, arches, alcoves, and pools.

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