Trail Running in Flathead National Forest

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Montana, Flathead County

04 :18 hrs
3.5 mi
312.8794 ft

This popular Basin is a great place to set up base camp for other day trips. There are endless trails to explore along the way and many more once you reach Jewel Basin. Be aware this is prime bear country, so take caution, especially when camping. There is fishing in most of the lakes. There are other options for returning if you don’t want this to be an out-n-back excursion.


Montana, Flathead County

03 :05 hrs
2 mi
510.70642 ft

Mount Aeneas was named after Chief Aeneas Paul. This Jewel Basin Peak is the 2nd largest in the Basin and the only peak the follows a trail while the others require some scrambling. It is a short route with great reward. The last ½ mile travels along the ridge with stunning views of the rugged peaks in Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley.


Montana, Flathead County

02 :17 hrs
1.8 mi
225.13232 ft

Twin Lakes is located in the Jewel Basin. There are endless side trails and other destinations that can be reached from twin lakes. This area is popular and has special regulations to follow when exploring and camping. You can check the information at the trailhead or ranger cabin.


Montana, Flathead County

04 :55 hrs
5.2 mi
191.84692 ft

The hike to Crater Lake is popular and you will most likely see other hikers. The trail is well marked and maintained by the Forest Service. The Jewel Basin is a heavily recreated area and there are special regulations at the trailhead so be sure check them before you begin. Along the trail you will pass by Martha Lake, Birch Lake, and Squaw Lake before reaching Crater Lake. The trail has moderate elevation and can be done as a day hike or backpacking trip.


Montana, Lake County

01 :20 hrs
7 mi
592.62305 ft

Crane Mountain Parking Area is a very well established snowmobile trail that is about 7 miles long. This trail eventually splits and branches off into two more networks of trails. The trail is groomed regularly by the Flathead Snowmobile Association. Grooming season is from December to April.


Montana, Lake County

03 :57 hrs
9.4 mi
11.157715 ft

The Swan River flows quickly here in the segment just below Swan Lake. Expect to see some anglers as the fishing for bull trout fishing is excellent. The river makes a giant loop and provides a popular trip for the locals. There are some tricky rapids in this section so beginners should stay away.