Hiking in Franklin Mountain State Park

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Texas, El Paso City Limits

02 :20 hrs
1.5 mi
409.80518 ft

Located in the Franklin Mountains, along a ridgeline that juts into the city of El Paso, this trail offers access to the beauties of nature without hardly having to leave the city. At a mile and a half, this is not a long trail, but with 1400 feet of climbing is still challenging. Some parts of this trail are rather steep and treacherous, so take precautions when climbing. The views of the city from this trail are amazing, and well worth your time.


Texas, El Paso City Limits

02 :12 hrs
11.8 mi
420.88684 ft

This ride is equal parts challenge and fun as you take the Woodrow Been Transmountain Road through the Franklin Mountains. With over 1400 feet of climbing, including one particularly steep section right at that peak, this is not a ride to be taken lightly. The Franklin Mountains are mostly barren desert, so not much shade exists along this ride, meaning you'll be out in the sun, so be sure bring plenty of water, especially during the summer.


Texas, El Paso City Limits

04 :54 hrs
18.8 mi
327.5359 ft

Offering very technical sections, gradual grades, and some long, speedy downhill sections, this trail has little bit of everything. The trail is mainly singletrack, with some double track mixed in. Add in surprisingly beautiful scenery, and this is a great place to spend the day on a bike.


Texas, El Paso City Limits

01 :32 hrs
3.4 mi
118.072266 ft

Rolling through the hills just to the East of the neighborhoods north of El Paso, this mountain biking trail on fairly well-established dirt roads offers challenging hills and exhilarating downhills that are well appreciated by all mountain bikers. There are several options for trails that run all through these hills, and the trail that we've mapped takes advantage of the best connected of these trails to create three and that half-mile route. With climbs of up to 400 feet, the total amount of climb on this rolling path is actually over 1000 feet, giving plenty of challenge, but also plenty of adventure. Most users will double back for a total of 7 mile route, the back half being primarily downhill.


Texas, El Paso City Limits

05 :41 hrs
12.3 mi
524.23157 ft

If you're looking for a very challenging mountain biking trail, this is the adventure for you. The one-way distance is just over 12 miles, and many adventurers will choose to ride out and back. This trail over mainly a dirt roads with a little bit of singletrack features an incredible climb of about 1800 feet, making this a very challenging mountain bike route. Much of this trail is in the Franklin Mountains State Park. Cyclists should be advised that there is no source of water along the trail, so be sure bring your own.


Texas, El Paso City Limits

01 :19 hrs
5 mi
114.76221 ft

Just east of Prado Verde, on the West side of the El Paso area, this mountain bike trail through the hills is one of the best to be found in West Texas. The elevation change totals just about 400 feet, making for a good challenging run, but the trail is well kept, preventing it from being too challenging. The loop trail is just about 5 miles, and with the climb, expect this to take some time, so be sure to bring enough water, especially in Texas’ hot summer months.


Texas, El Paso City Limits

02 :36 hrs
6.1 mi
237.00977 ft

One of the better trails in the Franklin Mountains, this trail loops up and around the hills of the western section of the State Park. The trail has a small climb of around 800 feet, both up and down, and is a doable hike for adventures of all fitness levels. This trail will take some time to complete, so make sure you have a good supply of water to offset the Texas heat.


Texas, El Paso City Limits

05 :12 hrs
3.8 mi
661.7278 ft

If you’re looking for a peak to climb in west Texas, this is the trail for you. Passing through the Franklin Mountains State Park, this path will lead you to the top of Mount Franklin, providing exceptional views of Wild West Texas, as well overlooking the El Paso urban area. Remember to pack in sufficient water for this hot and dusty trail.


Texas, El Paso City Limits

02 :08 hrs
1.4 mi
365.5974 ft

Spend a day in the mountains. This trail through the Franklin Mountains west of El Paso is a wondrous place. Here the west Texas desert meets the cooler and more vegetated uplands mixing flora and fauna in unexpected ways. This trail climbs along a ridgeline to an impressive scenic overlook of the northwestern suburbs of El Paso.


Texas, El Paso City

01 :35 hrs
16.2 mi
185.0979 ft

Ride through residential neighborhoods and then to McDelligon Canyon Road.


Texas, El Paso City Limits

01 :44 hrs
2.4 mi
182.78479 ft

Set on a paved road through McKellington Canyon, this running trail is perfect for those that want a little challenge on their run. The climb is about 600 feet, which gives a steady uphill challenge to the first couple of miles, but then pick up speed as you loop back around and race back down the canyon. This is on a road surface, so be sure to watch for traffic, but this is a fairly lonely road.